RSJ Academy is an international education company based in the Philippines & Middle East. We collaborate with leading universities, academic institutions & training providers across Asia, Middle East, US & Europe to deliver relevant and quality education.


A global educational services and training provider offering an affordable and World-Class Education.


RSJ Academy is committed to provide an affordable and World-Class Education in the field of Education, Data Science, Business and Management as well as in the professional and technical field.


Message from the Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Education has no boundaries. . .

Growing up from an extremely poor family made me realize the value of education in cutting the Gordian knot of poverty that flows in the bloodline of indigent families . The academy was founded in the goal of catalyzing a borderless education and worldwide revolution in learning and teaching through .education digitalization and innovation.

Today, RSJ International Academy has partnered more than 30 leading institutions worldwide across 5 continents to deliver a relevant, industry-based and world-class education to anyone, anywhere, anytime!


Founder | Chief Executive Officer

RSJ International Academy